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Southern Discovery


Tennessee Dual-Sport has developed the best possible routes you can ride in southern middle Tennessee.  We are always in search of that dirt road that nobody knows about. Our objective is to stay off the pavement as much as possible, and stay on the curviest paved roads when necessary. Most of our routes  Are between 60-80% dirt roads with Creek crossings and beautiful overlook bluffs, caves, and waterfalls at our scenic stops. Very little gravel, mostly hard packed dirt and clay roads. We Also offer a exclusive route for the Supermoto Riders. All our routes are big bike friendly. 

Come join us and ride the (Southern Discovery). You will not be  disappointed. 

Group Leaders

Our Team Staff is very well trained. Safety is always first. We always look after our riders with a leader and a sweeper in each group. We also keep our groups to a maximum of 20 riders so that  you're adequately accounted for. 

Fall Rally

October 6, 2017 - October 8, 2017

Two days and 200 miles of Southern Middle Tennessee Dual Sport Riding at its best. Our routes go through three counties. The ride takes you into very remote public access dirt roads and curvy paved roads. Self guided with a leader and a sweeper in each group. 

You may ride in your own group on your on time. GPS Files will be available in our Dropbox two weeks before the event. 40% paved and 60% hard pack clay and dirt. Supermoto and adventure bike friendly. Spectacular scenery with rolling hills, caves, overlook bluffs, Waterfalls and lots of creek crossings. One gas stop and one lunch stop on both days. 

Camping and Food:

All you can eat breakfast for Saturday and Sunday is available for 15.00. Pop ups and RV'S are allowed in the primitive Camping area for 10.00 a night. Primitive camping is 10.00 a night. RV full hookups are 35.00 a night. Restaurant and hot showers on site. Bed and Breakfast rooms are available too. If  you want to camp at Fall Hollow or want to buy meal tickets,  Please contact Fall Hollow ASAP to reserve you spot for camping and meal tickets. Click link for info. 


Free Camping:

There is a free campsite 6 miles from base camp on Natchez Trace Parkway. Click link for info. 



Your 25.00 Registration Fee includes:

A Tennessee Dual-Sport T-Shirt, a T.D.S. Decal , Gps Files of both routes, Door Prizes, Two days of self guided Routes with a  leader and a sweeper, and also helps cover our volunteers camping, and Breakfast. You must register before  Aug 31st  To receive a T-Shirt Due to pre Ordering sizes. You will receive a meal ticket  in replace if you register late. 

Camping and food is priced separately and paid directly to Fall Hollow  because of the following reasons: 

Some riders prefer to stay at the free campsite, 

some of  our local Riders Prefere not to camp, Some riders prefere to cook there own food,

and Some Riders register just to obtain the Gps Files.


Friday: 12:00pm - 6:00pm Sign ups at the Pavilion. 

Friday: 5:30pm - Dinner at Fall Hollow Restaurant. (Optional)

Saturday: 8:00am breakfast/riders meeting at Fall Hollow Restaurant. 

Saturday: 9:00am - kick stands up. 

Saturday: 7:00pm - Dinner at Fall Hollow Restaurant. (Optional) 

Saturday: 9:00pm - Campsite party. (BYOB)

Sunday: 8:30 - breakfast/riders meeting at Fall Hollow Restaurant. 

Sunday: 9:30am - kick stands up. 

Fall Hollow Campground 


Hoenwald, TN 38462 


Registration: 25.00 <a href="http://www.eventzilla.net/web/event?eventid=2138906803"><img src="https://d2poexpdc5y9vj.cloudfront.net/images/embed_register_btn_blue.gif" border="0"></a>

200 miles of GPS Files

2017 Spring Rally

This video shows most of the bikes at our spring Rally. 

Spring Rally Hooligan group

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